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Are you completely fascinated by HSE Manager Role Is it your passion to work with challenging environment Contact us soon to discuss the possibilities About this role - To lead give a boost to require and ensure that risk prevention functions correctly in their local office site and to advise the representatives project managers on adequate compliance with current risk prevention standards - To act as secretary to local office site safety meetings as well as to attend any client meetings to which they are invited if applicable - To comply with and to verify correct compliance with the actions included in the risk prevention activity plan (particularly actions related to training and site visits) - To work alongside the representative project manager to perform a monthly analysis control of accident rate results and to verify correct compliance with the monitoring and control of qualitative safety objectives - At sites where a health and safety plan has been drafted and or exists to verify that it is present on site that the managers are aware of it comply with it - If it has not already been done to run a training event (with an attendance record) on the content of said plan (risks and preventive measures) for all workers participating on site - In addition it should be checked that any contractors have a copy of the plan and have given the corresponding training to their respective workers - To coordinate with the zone subsidiary risk prevention technician to propose the necessary measures for correcting deviations occurring in compliance with prevention objectives - In conjunction with competent personnel if applicable to organised and perform control inspections of work teams auxiliary resources vehicles facilities the emergency plan fire extinguishing equipment PPE etc at the established intervals and to fill in the inspection sheets corresponding to each case - To verify the updating of and compliance with the Management System Procedures their records and the extent of the implementation of corrective actions arising from deficiencies in these at the local offices About you Requirement - To conduct activity or work position risk assessments to verify that they are available and if applicable that they are revised periodically or in accordance with legal requirements and that they are conducted with the participation of technicians and direct work managers and if possible of the risk prevention representatives Based on these assessments they shall verify the existence of the corresponding individual risk assessment that should be handed over and explained to each worker or shall perform this assessment - To provide the information contained in the company s occupational risk prevention manual to all new intake workers or to verify that this information is provided before they start work together with the test (that they should correct and explain any faults) They shall also manage the process and ensure that these workers have been given intake periodic or special medical examinations - To check that there is a risk assessment or health and safety plan (as per R D 1627 97) for each job that uses a specific work method or procedure that participating workers are aware of it and that they correctly use the adequate work equipment and personal collective protective equipment - If applicable to work alongside the training department and mutual schemes to develop risk prevention and first aid training activities respectively as well as to give the internal training established in our risk prevention plan or to verify that it is given and to monitor the effectiveness of the training received by workers and of the corresponding records - In the cases established in the regulations to ensure that risk prevention resources or a risk prevention activities coordinator are appointed and are present at the work site In the case of sites